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Studying in Belgium, where and how.

The first thing to do is to decide what programme you want to follow for your Master's.

Second, choose the University offering the programme.

Then, apply to the Department offering the programme or the the University itself..Normally, application forms can be downloaded from the website itself.

Most of the Filipino scholars studying here got a scholarship from VLIR. This is a scholarship programme for students who want to pursue Master's coming from the developing countries - like the Philippines. This is competitive and the deadline for each academic year application is March 1, directly to VLIR.

For more information about the VLIR...browse . The procedure is outlined there.

Otherwise, browse to the University's Ghent University .. where programmes can be found.

There are other universities like Katholieke University of Leuven, Vrij Universiteit in Brussels, Limburg University and Antwerp University...

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Enkel beschikbaar in het nederlands : Het OBSG, Pleisterplaats voor Gaststudenten


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