Philippines claims world kissing record

February 12, 2007

More than 6,000 couples kissed simultaneously in the Philippines with organisers of the event claiming to have set a new world record.

Organisers of the annual pre-Valentine's Day celebration said they broke the record held by Hungary, where 5,875 couples kissed simultaneously in Budapest in 2005.

"We broke the record, it's great," said Howard Belton, a Briton who spearheaded the event, held at midnight last night.

With fireworks, confetti, a giant TV screen, and red balloons as the backdrop, couples locked lips and hugged for 10 seconds following the midnight countdown outside a Manila mall.

An unofficial tally showed 6,124 couples kissed simultaneously, organisers said, but the number still needed to be verified by an independent auditor and approved by Guinness World Record officials before it becomes an official world record.

"It was our first time to join the celebration and we participated to be able to beat the record of Hungary," said Katherine Hermosa, who was with her boyfriend.



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