Wanted: 5,800 couples for new Lovapalooza record

More than 5,700 couples are needed on February 10 to overturn Hungary’s Lovapalooza supremacy. 

In 2004 the Philippines broke the Guinness World Record for the most couples kissing in one event, by gathering 5,239 couples at the Rajah Solaiman fronting Manila’s famed Baywalk. 

But Hungary broke the record the following year, in a kissing festival attended by 5,700 couples, according to Alma Cala of the Lovapalooza Alumni secretariat. 

Organizers of this year’s Lavapalooza spectacle are urging Filipinos to take back the record. 

Alumni of the record-breaking kissfest are staging a “Kissing de Avance” march and rally today, to give notice of their determination to regain the record. 

The march starts the Shell station on EDSA-Buendia to the Hungarian Embassy on Buendia Avenue.


Bron : Manila Times

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