Six killed in Philippines bombing

At least six people have been killed and many others wounded after a bomb exploded during a town festival in the southern Philippines, police said.

The bomb went off at about 2000 (1200 GMT) in front of the town hall of Makilala on the island of Mindanao.

The bomb exploded during a celebration for the town's 52nd anniversary, said Mayor Honofre Respicio.

Earlier, a blast in the market in the city of Tacurong, also on Mindanao, wounded at least four people.

Emmanuel Pinol, governor of the province, said six people were killed and 26 wounded when the bomb exploded in a bar.

North Catabato provincial police chief Federico Dulay said the Makilala blast was caused by a homemade bomb, fashioned from a mortar round.

Earlier reports that put the death toll at 12 were due to a double countring of bodies, Makilala Mayor Onofre Respicio told the Associated Press news agency.



Bron : BBC News

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