New Year’s Day 2006

A HAPPY New Year 2006! Hopefully, last night’s celebration was a festive one with less of the accidents that come with the careless use of fireworks. 

The Western calendar which we follow sets the international standard for dating business transactions, communications, and travel. It is based on the old Julian calendar of ancient Rome which put the New Year on the first day of the month of Janus – the two-faced god of war and peace. For the Romans, January first was the day for the Saturnalia, a celebration characterized by much drinking and gluttony. The first Roman Christians abstained from celebrating the Saturnalia. Their alternative was to turn the New Year into a day for fasting and alms giving. Today, Christians the world over observe January First as a Day of Peace, a day to pray for peace and ponder the mysteries of the Child born of the Virgin Mary.

Many cultural and religious values are embedded in New Year festivities around the world. The New Year presents a time for retrospection, taking stock of the past year, its joys and sorrows, its successes and failures. New Year’s Day is a time to let go of the disappointments and heartaches of the past, a time for closure on the old year. But, more important, it is a time to anticipate the opportunities and challenges that the New Year brings. Because all things change, 2006 will be different at home, at work, and in public affairs. So the human task is to adjust, to move forward, to keep growing as human beings.

We wish all our readers, advertisers, dealers, friends, and supporters a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year. May the year 2006 bring true happiness and peace throughout the land in every community and in every home.

Happy New Year to one and all!


Bron : Manila Bulletin Online

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