Conjoined Filipino twins separated after 'difficult surgery'

By Joel Francis Guinto

CONJOINED twins Carl and Clarence Aguirre were separated after what was described in a news bulletin as a "difficult and excruciating" operation at a hospital in New York City.

"At 10:32 p.m. (New York time), Carl and Clarence Aguirre were separated. Their surgical tables, until this point head-to-head, were moved apart and rotated about 30 degrees so that the brothers would still be near one another, and so the surgical team could continue to work side-by-side," the Montefiore Children's Hospital said in a bulletin posted on their website.

The hospital's public relations staff told that the twins were "in stable condition" but they had not been taken out of the emergency room.

"Several hours of difficult, excruciatingly delicate and demanding micro-surgery remain tonight for the 16-person team," the bulletin said.

In their hometown of Silay in Negros Occidental province, the twins' family kept a prayer vigil for the success of the operation, video footage showed.

As they did during the twins' past operations, the Aguirre family lit four red candles to symbolize hope.


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