Filipino in a jam over bakery's recipes

By Rol Ezam and Malai FadleyRizal

A 35-year-old Filipino man pleaded guilty yesterday to misappropriating properties belonging to Fleur-De-Lys bakery shop and was fined $600 or six months' jail in default by the Magistrate's Court.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Norhayati DP Hj Omar told the court that the bakery shop had terminated the defendant, Edwin M. Magtibay's contract four days ago and he was told to return belongings of the bakery, including recipe files and all uniforms.

Senior Magistrate Radin Safiee Radin Mas Basuini yesterday heard from the prosecutor that the company had also provided the defendant with necessary arrangements such as complete payments of salaries and providing a ticket to return home on the next day.

However, before the defendant was due to leave for the airport, the employer conducted a search of his luggage at house No 6 in Simpang 181-2, Kg Kiarong, with the defendant's consent, in the presence of two witnesses.

As a result of the search, the employer found three pairs of uniform pants, two uniform aprons, one uniform jacket and two recipe files in his luggage.

All the items were identified as the company's property, and were duly recovered.


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