Rica strays away from sex-oriented movies

RICA Peralejo has been turning down offers to do bold movies even from her mother studio, Viva Films. The last bold movie she did for the company was last year’s Hibla which also starred Maui Taylor who is still at it (doing bold movies, that is).

“I’ve proven to myself and to the world that I can do bold movies, so what’s the point in appearing in another bold movie whose theme and treatment is the same as the ones I’ve done before?” she asked pointedly.

But not wanting to sound so suddenly mataray, she screamingly and quickly added the gay expression, “Chaaa-ring!”

Rica’s first bold outing with Viva was Balahibong Pusa, followed by an almost experimental film directed by Erik Matti  and then Tatarin. She showed a lot of skin in all these films. She also did a sexy role in the comedy Banyo Queen, inspired by a naughty rap song popularize by Andrew E who was also her leading man in the movie.

Today,  Rica is concentrating on TV by accepting roles in ABS-CBN 2 shows. Since she can  sing and dance, she has also been joining groups shows abroad.

“My exclusive five-year contract with Viva allows me to do two movies a year with other companies—but they have to approve the project first before I can accept any offer. I’ve been offered bold movies by other companies and I didn’t even have to tell Viva about those offers before turning them down right away,” she revealed.

“Actually, I would rather do sexy roles in comedies but unfortunately Viva has been turning down comedy offers from other companies. They reason out that the projects would just pull me down instead of expanding my image or my career. I can’t really accept any movie offer that they do not approve of,” she sighed.

Recently, though, Viva accepted an unusual offer for the actress: the horror-thriller Malikmata, Canary Films’ entry in the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival. It might have also helped in Viva’s acceptance of the offer that Malikmata is produced by Orly Ilacad, a first cousin of Viva big boss Vic del Rosario. Plus the fact that it is directed by Joey Javier Reyes from his own script.

“I portray a psychic who foresaw the gruesome murder of a society matron but the police wouldn’t believe me until the crime really occurred. Aside from me not having a single bold scene in the film, it also has love angle at all, although the story implies that the character portrayed by Dingdong Dantes is my suitor and fellow spirit questor,” informed she.

A spirit questor is a psychic who specializes in searching out and confronting spirits that hound a particular place. Real spirit questors from a group based at the University of the Philippines are cast in the movie. Malikmata is Rica’s very first project with Reyes who has not directed her even on TV shows.  

Young actors Marvin Agustin and Wowie de Guzman are also in the film, along with Anna Capri and Barbara Perez in a special role as the murdered society matron.

But doesn’t her decision to quit the bold scene a signal that she is now considering marriage to boyfriend Bernard Palanca, as rumors have it?

“You know, I don’t even have time to go to a spa, so how would I find time to plan out a wedding? I am known for luxuriating in my bath tub, am I not? I’d rather spend hours in a spa than plan out details for a wedding. We’re not in a hurry to get married. We already know we’re committed to each other, so what’s the use of rushing into marriage?” she argued.

“You know what I’ve been considering to do instead of getting married? Going back to school!” she suddenly revealed. She admitted that she had finished only up to second year in high school at Angelicum.

“When my schedule becomes less hectic, I’d go over to the Department of Education to find out what I should do so I can take exams and do projects that would allow me to go straight to college so I can make up for lost time. After that, I should look for a college that would be willing to accommodate my schedule as a showbiz personality, though I really would like to earn a college diploma and not just pay for it,” she further revealed.  

Since she is already in the entertainment media, she plans to take up either Communication Arts or Filmmaking. Meanwhile, she is slated to do a show tour in the US the first two weeks of December and then come back to promote Malikmata.


Bron : The Manila Times Online

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