Palace denies Arroyo is working out compromise with Estrada

The president's palace yesterday denied claims made by leftist legislator Satur Ocampo that President Gloria Arroyo is currently working out a compromise with her predecessor, Joseph Estrada, that included allowing the deposed Philippine leader to leave for the United States.

"He must be dreaming," Arroyo's special adviser Rigoberto Tiglao told reporters yesterday when asked to comment on Ocampo's claims.

On Friday, Ocampo bared supposed negotiations between representatives of Arroyo and Estrada who remains in detention at an army camp east of Manila while undergoing plunder trial to arrive at a compromise agreement wherein the former president would be allowed to leave the country for treatment abroad in exchange for promises that his supporters would abandon their destabilisation efforts against the government.

Ocampo's revelation came two days after some 10,000 demonstrators, mainly followers of Estrada, held a massive rally right at the heart of the country's financial district in Makati City's Ayala Avenue, to decry alleged corruption in the Arroyo government.

A day after the rally and the successive political upheavals that preceded it, Arroyo called for reconciliation among politically divided Filipinos.

Ocampo said the compromise negotiation with Estrada is part of Arroyo's "total reconciliation" plan.

Ocampo said if Arroyo is serious in her call, she must focus on getting justice for Filipinos.


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