Terrorists training in R.P.


CLARK FIELD, Pampanga - Immigration Commissioner Andrea Domingo said that government agents are monitoring the activities of at least 20 to 30 suspected Jema’ah Islamiyah (JI) terrorists on Mindanao.

Domingo said immigration bureau agents in Zamboanga and Central Mindanao reported that there are 20 to 30 suspected JI members undergoing training in the Cotabato, General Santos City and Saranggani areas.

She, however, said that the operation and training of these suspected terrorists are confined in these areas and stressed that once they move out of their camps, they will be arrested by the monitoring teams.

Lt. Gen. Rodolfo Garcia, Armed Forces vice chief of staff, explained that the terrorists infiltrate into their target countries in three waves: the first calls for the entry of “respectable” members of legal organization that would blend with the population by joining civic organizations to establish themselves as members of the society, or immersion.

The second would come in several years later to get funds from the members of the first wave and identify the targets for their operation. And the third wave will conduct terrorist attacks, such as bombings or execution of officials.

Domingo had already seen the photographs of at least 20 of the terrorists, the prints of which were acquired from a foreign source.

“However, since Indonesians, Malaysians and Filipinos have similar features, we are still determining their names to determine their nationalities. Our source assured us that the names will be ready within the year,” she said.

She said efforts are being conducted in coordination with the international intelligence community that includes the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that have furnished the bureau a list of the most wanted persons and top terrorists in the world to prevent them from entering the country.

Domingo said the terrorist movement in the north, particularly in Metro Manila and Central Luzon was earlier dismantled after then Central Luzon police director Chief Supt. Reynaldo Berroya arrested a group of suspects in Pangasinan. She added that the financiers or the training were also arrested by the Bureau of Immigration backed by the national police and deported to their respective countries.

Domingo also said that terrorist organizing efforts in the country were dealt a big blow with the death of suspected JI leader Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi, an Indonesian, who was suspected of funding terrorist-related activities in the country.

She revealed that the bureau still holds seven suspected terrorists who were reported to have links with the al-Qaeda terrorist network of Osama bin-Laden. The bureau earlier deported five suspected international terrorists.


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