Nokia Edges Into Manila

HELSINKI -- Globe Telecom and Nokia have concluded a deal for the rollout of EDGE network solutions in Metro Manila following successful EDGE trials earlier this year.

The deal covers the delivery of equipment and services required for the activation of EDGE (Enhance Data Rates for GSM Evolution) all across the Manila metropolitan area. In addition to the delivery of Nokia EDGE-capable base stations, such as the Nokia UltraSite and Nokia MetroSite, the deal also includes services such as Project Management, Implementation, Network Planning and Optimization.

"We trust in Nokia's systems capability in GSM/EDGE technology solutions," said Gerardo C. Ablaza, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Globe Telecom. "With EDGE, Globe will be able to offer our subscribers higher quality network services at faster data speeds. This will enhance our customers' experience with advanced mobile multimedia services such as MMS, downloads of Java games, icons, screensavers, ringtones and more."

"Nokia has demonstrated their ability and dedication to support us with professional services to ensure fast network ramp-up and overall system maintenance and optimization," Ablaza added.

Nokia has been working with Globe Telecom since 1994, providing turnkey services for the operator's GSM infrastructure over this period.

"Nokia is happy to deepen our long standing relationship with Globe. Services delivered on EDGE networks will be on average three times faster with lower costs compared to today's GPRS technology. The EDGE trial demonstrates Globe's commitment to deliver to subscribers seamless coverage and capacity extension for 3G-like services such as streaming, high-quality video/audio clips, browsing and corporate data access," said Tapani Sairanen, Account Director for Globe, Nokia Networks.


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