Imelda back in town, foils  PCGG efforts to arrest her

By Patricia P. Esteves, Reporter

THE former first lady, Imelda Marcos, on Wednesday managed to return to the country and avoid landing in jail.

The Sandiganbayan wanted Mrs. Marcos arrested for violating restrictions on her travel itinerary.

But she went straight home to her home at the Pacific Plaza Condominium in Makati City after her flight from Paris arrived at 6:40 a.m.

The Presidential Commission on Good Government is trying its best to get Mrs. Marcos behind bars.

Ruben Carranza, the PCGG commissioner for legal affairs, said Mrs. Marcosís arrival on Wednesday was no guarantee she would not be arrested.

On November 10 the Sandiganís Fourth Division issued a motion to cancel her travel bonds and a warrant of arrest for ďwillfully and openlyĒ defying the courtís order.

Robert Sison, Mrs. Marcosís lawyer, said the motion was rendered academic by her return.

Carranza said it was up to the Ombudsman to arrest her.

Sison said his client made good on her promise to come home on November 12 as soon as she got well from dehydration.

Mrs. Marcos left for the US and Europe on October 5, telling the court she needed her medical checkup and that she was going on a pilgrimage.

The Sandiganbayan allowed her to leave, provided she returned not later than October 26.

But Mrs. Marcos failed to return and instead filed a motion to extend her trip to London for her knee checkup. She also cited dehydration as one of her reasons for extending her trip.

The Fourth Division denied her plea for extension for lack of merit. Sison had filed a motion for reconsideration, but the court had already issued a warrant for Mrs. Marcosís arrest.

Sison said her client will go to the Sandiganbayan either today or on Friday to appeal to the Sandiganbayan.


Bron : Manila Times Internet Edition

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