Dismissed dean demands P3 million from college

DAVAO CITY -- A woman dean of a nursing school sued a college in Tagum City and two of its officials for illegally dismissing her after more than 10 years of loyal service.

The complainant is Evelyn Sumakote, dismissed Dean of Nursing of the North Davao College (NDC) Tagum Foundation, Inc.

Sumakote had asked the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) in Region 11 to give her justice and order respondents--NDC, its corporate president Dr. Anita B. Somoso and Lida U. Natavio, NDC officer-in-charge--to grant her separation pay, full back wages, other benefits or their monetary equivalent and damages of P3 million.

In a 16-page complaint, together supporting affidavits and testimonial documents, Sumakote charged that she was illegally dismissed by Somoso and Natavio, after "more than 10 years of hard work, rising from the ranks from instructor to the dean of the college."

She said she was the only faculty member who did not leave the school during its "ultimate crisis."

Sumakote said she was charged with disloyalty despite her refusal to accept two employment offers from other colleges, which she openly discussed with Somoso and other school officials.

She said she was offered bigger salaries by the University of Mindanao and the St. Mary's College, but she refused to transfer because of her loyalty to NDC.

She said she was charged with "moonlighting", but she has record that Somoso herself approved of her having a review center. She said she also told Somoso and other officers of the school about the offers made to her by rival colleges.
Sumakote was dismissed from work after her maternity leave.

When she reported for work, her office as dean of nursing was removed from her and found marked with "President EVP."

Sumakote's lawyers enumerated in her complaint the laws violated by NDC when it illegally dismissed her from work. The NLRC Regional Arbitration Branch 11 received her formal complaint last November 3. (AMA)


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