Wanted: Pretty woman surgeon for Estrada

By Armand N. Nocum

THE OMBUDSMAN is looking for an attractive woman orthopedic surgeon to operate on the knees of a 66-year-old former head of state.

Apparently exploiting ousted President Estrada's known weakness for the opposite sex, court officials on Friday baited the deposed leader with the suggestion that a female doctor could operate on him here, hoping this would convince him to abandon his bid to be operated on abroad.

Deputy Ombudsman Robert E. Kallos, however, broached the idea more in jest and exasperation over the dogged persistence of Estrada's lawyers to have him undergo knee replacement surgery in the United States, a request which the special division of the anti-graft body already rejected last year.

Reacting to the insistence of Estrada's spine surgeon Dr. Antonio Calanoc that there should be "trust," "chemistry" and "rapport" between a doctor and his patient, Kallos then asked the doctor whether "like love, trust and confidence can be developed?"

The question initially caught Calanoc by surprise -- the lone defense witness who testified for almost four hours during the hearing at the Sandiganbayan. But then he answered in the affirmative.

Kallos, during his cross examination of Calanoc, then asked: "Do you know of any female orthopedic surgeon. Can you recommend one?"

Calanoc responded by saying that he would try to look for one.

At this point, Associate Justice Edilbero Sandoval interjected with a broad smile-"If you introduce a lady surgeon, be sure she's beautiful."

"I'll try, your honor," Calanoc replied.


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