Manila: Contaminated water crisis in Tondo over

By Niel Villegas Mugas, Reporter
The city government of Manila on Saturday announced that the crisis over Tondo’s contaminated water supply has ended.

Armand Sebastian, spokesman for Mayor Lito Atienza of Manila, told The Times that the problem has been put under control in at least two districts of the city through the joint efforts of the Manila Health Department, the Department of Health and the Maynilad Water Services Inc. (MWSI).

Sebastian said that most of the 242 patients who suffered gastroenteritis after drinking contaminated water were sent home over the weekend.

He said the government distributed 2,000 water-purifying tablets to the residents of Velasquez, Gagalangin, F. Varona, Lacson and Pacheco Streets in Manila to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

Manila Water took care of repairing the water pipelines in the area. It also rationed water to residents of the affected streets.

Rafael Alunan III, MWSI head, pointed to 235 pipelines found leaking in the area, mostly caused by illegal water connections. He said the illegal water connections could be blamed for the contamination of the water supply in Tondo.

Sebastian said Atienza has ordered city health officials to continuously monitor the water quality in the areas affected by the crisis.


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