4 suspects in Negros slays in custody

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BACOLOD CITY - The four suspects in the killings of the members of the families of two police informers in this city are now in the custody of the Negros Occidental National Police, after the last two suspects were arrested Wednesday, nine days after the brutal killings were committed.

Policemen in barangay Tinongan, Isabela, Negros Occidental, arrested the two remaining suspects, Aris Chicoba, alias Gaga, and Angelo Tadiamon, alias Toytoy, Wednesday.

Two other suspects, Telesforo Urbano and Benjie Bernabe, were earlier arrested separately.

Police investigations said the arrest of Bernabe in barangay Gatuslao, Candoni, on October 23 also pressured Urbano to gave himself up to the Binalbagan Police Station, four days later, to clear his name.

The four suspects are facing multiple murder and frustrated murder charges before the Bacolod City Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the Boliboli and Mayagma families’ killings on October 21.

Killed were Shirley Mayagma, 32; her children, Cheryl, 5, and Carlo, 1; Jenalyn Boliboli, 26, who was six months pregnant; and her daughter, Jelly Ann, 2.

Bacolod Mayor Luzviminda Valdez gave the injured survivor, Ernie Mayagma, 13, who sustained gunshot wounds in his right hand and left chest, a special citation on Monday for his heroic act. He shielded his two younger siblings, using his body.

Chicoba Wednesday confessed to committing the killings alone in retaliation to police informants Oni Mayagma and Jury Boliboli, husbands of Shirley and Jenalyn, respectively.

He blamed Mayagma and Boliboli for his and the other members of his group’s imprisonment because of what he claimed as “trumped up” charges filed against them.

Chicoba said he spent 10 bullets in shooting the victims, who were sleeping in their house on the evening of October 21 by using a .357-magnum revolver.

Bernabe, Urbano and Tadiamon vehemently denied any participation in the killings.

Chicoba admitted that Tadiamon and Bernabe accompanied him in shriveling the house of Boliboli and Mayagma in the morning of October 21.

He, however, insisted that he did the crime alone.

The police reported that the four are members of the Noli Actor gang, which was tagged as suspects in the series of robbery-holdups in Negros Occidental.Boliboli and Mayagma were credited by the police for the neutralization of Noli Actor gang, whose three other members, Noli Eba Diega, Acer Chicoba, brother of Aris, and June June Barrera, are detained at the Bacolod City Jail. Diega, Acer Chicoba and Barrera are facing charges for attempted homicide, robbery and illegal possession of firearms in court.

Urbano said he and Bernabe were released from detention on October 17 after the police failed to file complaints against them in court.

In an interview by local radio station Aksyon Radyo Tuesday afternoon, Urbano pointed to Chicoba as the lone killer.

“I love them, and I did not even think of killing them,” Urbano said even as he admitted that he was with Chicoba on the morning of October 21, hours before the grisly slaying took place inside the ramshackle hut of the victims.

“He told me that he was going to kill them [the victims], but I advised him against it. I even told him that I would feel bad if he kills them because my wife is related to them,” Urbano said in the vernacular.

Chicoba, however, returned that night to kill the victims, a fact, which Urbano said, Chicoba told him. He said Chicoba went to him after the incident. “He even advised me to flee because the police would be going after me,” he said.

Urbano said he hid and slept in the sugarcane fields for more than two days, but that upon the proddings of his wife he surrendered to Selga, who turned him over to town Mayor Manuel Aranda.

Bernabe, however, claimed that he was innocent of the charges and said he immediately went home after they were released October 17, two days after policemen arrested them.

Urbano, who said Bernabe did not go with them and, indeed, went back to his hometown after their release, has boosted the claims of Bernabe.

Policemen are already zeroing in on the angle of retaliation for the cold-blooded murders since Mayagma and Boliboli were former members of the gang, but became assets of Chief Insp. Harold Tuzon, city police intelligence division, after the gang reportedly failed to give them their share from the proceeds of their loot.


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