Of masques and masquerades

IWANNA party like it's 1999," sang Prince, that gender-bending icon of the generation known for its excess and pleasure principles.

Yup, we all long for those moments-when we enter a bar without knowing anyone, and we just go with the flow. Close our eyes and party like no one's looking. We keep these memories in our pockets-we want that 5 a.m., 1999 feel of invincibility. The sun is up and we still feel like going, and going, and going ... Onwards to the after-party, and so on.

It's 2003 now and all of a sudden, Prince's eyeliner antics make us yawn-nothing shocks us anymore as monsters become more endearing as ever. Emily Strange, Stitch, Shrek and Hagrid are all lovable creatures we'd love to have at home. All of a sudden, the myths that used to surround our spooky skeletons have turned into the Care Bears.

And there is a whole rainbow of events out there to satisfy your Halloween itch. You've got your Halloween costume planned (if you haven't, check out Maui and Jason's last-minute costume guide -- you've got two days to prepare), but you've got nowhere to go. Get out of that basement and hop into the haunting trail.

Rock and royalty

Tomorrow is reserved for "Metro Wear"-the biggest gathering of designers and fashionistas this side of the ABS-CBN planet. The Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines' brightest stars and their flock will congregate at Studio 10 for this year's most fab fashion gala.

After you get your Metro pass, that's the only time you can head over to the other Hallow's Eve happenings around town come Thursday.

For A-list hip-hoppers, it's Azzurro at Somerset Hotel. True-blue R&B aficionados should also hop over to Studio 23's Halloween Ball with Shortkut at The Loft in Rockwell.

If you feel your dance fix ain't about raising the roof, go va-va-voom with vamps and villains at V bar, where you can swing to Scrambled Edge's beat.

Or you can go to the NBC Tent, where Joey 92.3 is throwing its annual bash, with a parade of masks that will make Venice blush. Make sure you come in the masquerade theme-you might just end up flying KLM all the way to Italy.

But don't party too hard. Remember, Friday is still the big night. The third level of Greenbelt 3 is where the action is: a dozen establishments, 10 DJs and five ethereal bands in one night of delicious debauchery.

Greenbelt's "Rock and Royalty" Halloween Ball is one of the city's longest-running seductive soirees, where everybody shows up dressed or undressed, to impress. The open bar starts at 9 p.m., so come early.

Beer-tequila masquerade

So walk the walk and start your parade, before you hop over to anywhere else. You might just win the free use of the ultra-exclusive MyCinema for you and your your best-dressed friends. Other prizes include cell phones from Globe Gentxt and overflowing Johnnie Walker.

Nearby, Hotel InterCon has the Miss Earth beauties doing their costume parade-"Heaven on Earth." The beauties will be peaking to the sounds of DJs Jon Herrera and Robby Mananquil.

At Dusit, it's a beer banquet as the "Oktoberfest Masquerade" takes place at Fiesta San Miguel starting at 8 p.m.

After all that beer and scotch, you're fully warmed up to go to the all-nighter Halloween extravaganza-it's either you bump and grind with bodies at the Cream Halloween Ball at the NBC Tent or you pick yourself (or if nobody does it the other way around, they pick you) in the middle of Malate.

The district will have the Pinoy-themed party "Maligno" where you can ledge-dance with JR Isaac. You can chug Jose Cuervo, and then hop on to Bed with Jay Santos. By this time, make sure your masks are already stripped, because it's bound to get hot there.

There are even more after-parties happening all over the city (many hotels are booked), but you'd have to find that out by yourself. That's when you can really knock three times and scream, "Trick or treat!"


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