Cops combing Bacolod for massacre suspects

By Christine Mae A. Pelayo

BACOLOD -- All entrance and exit points in Bacolod City have been sealed off, as police hunt for the suspects in the massacre of three family members and their pregnant neighbor in Bangga Tamburong, Lasalleville, Barangay Mansilingan on Tuesday night.

Mayor Luzviminda Valdez also requested full protection for the families of the massacre victims.

Valdez has tapped the help of the Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office in resolving the massacre of Shirley Mayagma, 32, her children Sheryl, 5, and Carlo, 1, and Jennylyn Boliboli, who was six months pregnant.

Jeanne Boliboli and Hernie Mayagma, 13, were wounded and are now undergoing treatment at the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital.

Earlier reports said Shirley, Sheryl and Carlo died immediately while Jennylyn was pronounced dead by doctors of the hospital where she was rushed to.

Police identified the suspects in their killing as "Noli Aktor" Akyat Bahay gang members Gaga Segova and Benjie Palma.

"I would like to condemn the massacre that happened to the families of two assets of the police, Jory Boliboli and Oni Mayagma," said Valdez.

Valdez directed Insp. Harold Tuzon, intelligence chief, to provide assistance and shelter to the families of the victims.

"My directive to them is to take care of the children, provide them assistance and shelter. The city will take care of the funeral and burial of the victims," said Valdez.

She further said the city has alerted transportation groups, such as the Vallacar Transit Inc., in case the suspects decide to flee the city and the barangays where they may seek refuge.

Valdez added police operatives have identified possible hiding areas of the suspects.

Valdez, who stayed until 3 a.m. at the crime scene, said Tuesday retaliation was the possible motive.

"It was a mercenary killing and without conscience. The intention is to kill the whole family," said Valdez.

She explained that police operatives headed by Tuzon apprehended six persons involved in home break-ins and robberies not just Bacolod City but in the whole province three weeks before the incident.

The apprehension was made possible through the two assets.

Police temporarily released three of the six suspects because of some technicality or because no complaint affidavit was made yet against the three.

The mayor said Hernie, 13, eldest son of Oni Mayagma, was able to save two of his brothers, ages nine and three.

Hernie was able to identify the suspects because they used to visit their father.

She said Hernie pleaded with the suspects to spare him and two of his younger brothers. Nevertheless, the suspect reportedly still fired at them.

In his attempt to cover his brother from the gunman's bullets, Hernie was hit in his right palm and left arm but his brothers were unharmed.

Valdez said Rachel, 12, Hernie's younger sister, who was sleeping with her auntie in the other room, was also spared.

She added that one of the suspects entered the room where Rachel was sleeping but his caliber .38 pistol had ran out of bullets. The suspect reloaded his gun and pulled the trigger but it did not fire.

Valdez said she ordered the police to get Mayagma's two kids from their home and let them sleep somewhere else for the meantime.

"Their father was crying and they were so affected, the trauma that has been left in the minds of the kids. They were saying that there's too much blood in their house," Valdez added.


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