Movie star may give Arroyo a run at polls

Manila _ A hugely popular film star may help an alliance of Philippine opposition parties stage a real challenge to President Gloria Arroyo in national elections scheduled for next year _ if they can convince him to run.

With high-level opposition officials courting Fernando Poe Jr, known throughout the Philippines as FPJ, some senators were predicting the actor would soon announce his intention to stand.

One source said no announcement would be made until the December deadline for candidates to declare, but said she had ``a feeling he'll run''.

A large pro-Poe rally is scheduled for tomorrow, but political analysts warned the 63-year-old action hero may yet pull out, yielding to other candidates.

``He' a reluctant candidate the opposition hopes will unite anti-Arroyo forces,'' said one analyst. _ Reuters


Bron : Bangkok Post

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