Naked patrons shop until they're clothed

Lisbon, Portugal - Dozens of young Portuguese stripped down to dress up on Wednesday when a clothes store offered free designer wear for anyone shopping naked.

Shoppers who decided to take part in the scheduled publicity stunt at a shop in Lisbon's downtown were allowed to undress in privacy inside the store. Outside, the evening was wet and chilly.

About 70 shoppers, mostly young men, were then given a white towel to cover up while they queued in the street in front of hundreds of onlookers.

But only those who flung off the towel before dashing into the shop when a whistle blew were allowed to pull on the designer clothes.

Shoppers could keep all the clothes they managed to put on, but there was a scramble because only four racks of clothes were made available.

The stunt's slogan was, "Be happy, go naked." - Sapa-AP


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