ICTSI acquires marine terminal cargo management software

INTERNATIONAL Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) said it had acquired, through unit International Container Terminal Holdings Inc. (ICTHI), ownership of a computerized marine cargo handling management software, products and services from a US-based company.

ICTSI has purchased ownership rights to PCR Terminal Systems for a yet undisclosed amount from an unidentified company, and established a new global business company in Mauritius, called Container Terminal Systems Solutions Inc (CTSSI) to operate the software, it said in a statement.

The company could not immediately provide financial and other details.

CTSSI now operates as a software developer for marine ports and container terminals, and currently offers two integrated software products that enhance terminal control and management functions, it said.

"CTSSI's ownership of the software will allow the ICTSI Group to customize these where necessary to produce standard commercial terminal operations software product for the ICTSI Group's use worldwide," ICTSI said.

It plans to market the software to other terminal operators.

At present, clients include the Port of Guam and the Jakarta International Container Terminals. "We see this acquisition as key to further integrating and enhancing our proficiency in terminal operations, which will translate to greater customer satisfaction," said CTSSI chief executive officer and ICTSI vice president Francis Andrews.

"It is also a vehicle for which we can market our experience in automated terminal operations."

ICTSI, meanwhile, said subsidiaries ICTHI and ICTSI Ltd had established a company in Indonesia, PT Container Terminals Systems Solutions Indonesia, which now operates as a software developer, distributor and software maintenance contractor.


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