Jeepney group won't raise fare despite oil price hike

Posted: 7:21 PM (Manila Time) | Oct. 09, 2003 with GMA 7

A GROUP of jeepney operators and drivers said it would not raise fares even as oil firms increased pump prices by 25 centavos per liter, GMA Network's radio station dzBB reported Thursday.

The Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP) was quoted as saying that it could hold off a fare increase as several gasoline stations in Metro Manila continued to sell diesel to public transport at a discounted price of 15.50 pesos.

After midnight Thursday, oil giant Petron Corp., and new players Total (Philippines) Corp. and Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. raised the prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene, citing the increase in the cost of world crude.


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