New Manila archbishop assumes post on Nov. 21

Posted: 4:25 AM (Manila Time) | Oct. 08, 2003
By Jerome Aning
Inquirer News Service

ARCHBISHOP Gaudencio Rosales will be installed as the new Archbishop of Manila on Nov. 21 at the Manila Cathedral.

Rosales would take up residence at the Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros while his predecessor, Jaime Cardinal Sin, will remain at the Villa San Miguel in Mandaluyong City.

Rosales, who arrived Tuesday from a three-week visit to Rome, went straight to the Apostolic Nunciature before seeing Cardinal Sin at Villa San Miguel.

The two prelates talked mostly about Rosales' visit to Rome and the arrangements for his installation, according to Sin's spokesperson, Manila Auxiliary Bishop Socrates Villegas.

Rosales and several Filipino bishops stayed in Rome for three weeks for their ad limina apostolorum visit during which they paid homage to the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul and reported the states of their dioceses to the Pope.

The Manila archbishop-elect also went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France, site of an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

Rosales, 71, was appointed last Sept. 15 to replace the ailing Cardinal Sin who resigned his post on Aug. 30 at the age of 75, the mandatory retirement age for all bishops. Sin will take the title archbishop emeritus.

Villegas said the Arzobispado, where Rosales would take up residence, houses the archdiocesan curia and the offices of the various archdiocesan ministries.

Before the war, Manila's archbishops used to live at the Arzobispado, about two blocks away from the Manila Cathedral.

Unless he would want a new room, Rosales will probably stay on the fourth and topmost floor of the Arzobispado, which is completely furnished as a living quarter.

Sin, meanwhile, will remain at the Villa San Miguel, which is near Cardinal Santos Memorial Medical Center where he usually undergoes medical treatment. All diocesan bishops, including those retired, are required by church law to reside within their dioceses, unless the Pope allows them otherwise.

It was earlier reported that Sin wanted to spend his retirement in his hometown of New Washington in Aklan.


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