Kris Aquino drops charges vs Joey Marquez

Posted: 1:33 AM (Manila Time) | Oct. 03, 2003
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AFTER Parañaque Mayor Joey Marquez issued a public apology over GMA Network's "Frontpage" newscast Thursday, television host Kris Aquino withdrew all criminal cases filed earlier this week against the comedian-actor.

Aquino's lawyer, Raymund Fortun, told GMA Network's "Saksi" newscast late Thursday that his client has dropped all criminal charges against Marquez.

"I've been instructed to take steps to withdraw all the criminal complaints and to desist from any further legal actions against Mr. Marquez," Fortun said.

Aquino was quoted as saying on the same newscast that she had likewise made mistakes that led to the controversial tiff between her and her ex-boyfriend Marquez, whom she alleged as having poked a gun at her during a heated argument at the Essensa Condominiums in Taguig City.

"I want to tell him that I know he is not the only one who erred," Aquino said. "I also know that I must try to not only forgive him, but forgive myself."

Echoing Marquez's earlier statement on GMA-7's earlier newscast, "Frontpage," Aquino was also quoted as saying she would never again speak about the controversy.

"You will never hear from me again regarding this issue...this is finished," Aquino said. "I will never speak of the matter again for the rest of my life."

Marquez had apologized to Aquino in the "Frontpage" newscast so "everyone would be at peace (on the issue)."

"For all the mistakes I've done against you, please forgive me," Marquez said in the televised message to Aquino earlier Thursday. "I did not accuse you of being a liar."

Visibly humbled, Marquez declined to answer further questions on the controversy, saying his Thursday appearance on "Frontpage" was "the last time (he) would speak on the matter."

The public apology arose from a reported meeting between Aquino, Marquez, and their respective lawyers at an undisclosed Makati City restaurant.

In a previous "Frontpage" report, Aquino's mother, former president Corazon Aquino, was quoted as saying the administrative complaint against Marquez was being put on hold pending Marquez's decision whether or not to meet her family's demand for a "public apology." The elder Aquino was further quoted as saying that Marquez "should not test her family's patience."

In a tell-all interview last week, Aquino accused Marquez of physical abuse in the incident at the luxurious Fort Bonifacio condominium unit. Aquino claimed Marquez pointed and cocked a gun at her during the argument, which, she further said, was spurred by a text message the latter received from another lover.

Marquez had denied the claim.


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