Kris denies buying Porsche for Joey



Kris Aquino is launching the new version of ABS-CBN’s Game K N B?, now billed as Next Level Na! Game K N B?. The revamped game show premieres [Monday] and promises more thrills, more excitement as it takes the competition to a higher level. While the show continues to enjoy solid ratings, ABS-CBN execs decided it was time to present something new to the audience.

“Freddie Garcia [ABS-CBN bigwig] explained that we are the only show that will quit while we’re still number one,” said Kris. “We don’t have competition anymore. The usual practice is for the show to change format when it’s going down, when the interest is waning. What we are doing is keeping the show more interesting while we still have the captive audience.

“He said nga na it’s unfair for us to change the format since we don’t have competition in the way MTB has Eat Bulaga, or Maalaala Mo Kaya has Magpakailanman, where the situation is like matira ang matibay. Us, we don’t have competition and so, in a way, we are setting a new trend. We are trailblazing again,” added Kris.

She said it’s far more difficult to host Next Level Na! Game K N B?, since it offers more challenges to contestants. It introduces all-new challenges designed not only to test the competitors’ luck and mental abilities, but also to determine the level of their athletic skills and endurance as well.

“There are now three elimination levels in the game. Eight players try to pass the ‘Tsamba’ level, then ‘Tapang’ level and then ‘Talino’ level until there is only one player left. With all these levels to pass, the player gets even more chances to win more prize money until he gets to the jackpot round. If he gets past the three final jackpot levels, he wins a million pesos,” she explained.

The levels contestants have to pass are no walks in the park, just what Brod Pete, Tado, Bentong, John Lapus, Dominic Ochoa, Onyok Velasco, Smokey Manaloto and Dennis Padilla discovered when they participated in the face-offs to launch the reformatted show. The “Tsamba” round was quite easy: guess what’s inside the bag of Zsa Zsa Padilla. Still, of the eight players, only four made it to the next round and, ultimately, only Brod Pete and John Lapus remained to take a shot at the whopper of a cash prize.

“Hindi ko kinaya sa dry run, kasi I threw up when I touched the snake,” Kris related. In it, the contestants had to wear a plastic shirt and then stuff it with an eel, five frogs, a mudfish, a snake and then kiss an iguana to survive the round and move on to the next level. “Hindi ko talaga kinaya, so they had to ask Mark Logan to host this portion of the show in another studio. It was really very tiring.”

Competing [Monday] night in the first episode of Next Level Na! Game K N B? are the talents from ABS-CBN soap operas.

During the recent press conference for the show, Kris was asked if it is true that she bought rumored boyfriend Joey Marquez a Porsche worth P7 million. And what about the BMW that she purchased? “It’s not true,” said Kris. “It was Jules Ledesma who bought a Porsche. As for the BMW, it was my talent fee for doing the infomercial for Dr. Vicky Belo, which is directed by Albert Martinez. I did not buy a P3-million BMW. I got a more expensive BMW.”

She starts shooting for Regal Entertainment’s Mano Po 2 this week. She didn’t get to shoot during the weekend since she had a commitment for Leonardo Bags, which she endorses. She will be shooting for eight days and most of her scenes will be with Zsa Zsa Padilla and Christopher de Leon.


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