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Sharon Cuneta finally gets to play an off-beat role

By Archie Liao


MEGASTAR Sharon Cuneta dares to be  different as she faces the biggest challenge of her entire acting career. In Unitel Films’ Crying Ladies, an entry to the 2003 Metro Manila Film Festival,  she treats her fans to a new and  unique Sharon as she essays an offbeat role.

“It’s about time that I should do this kind of stuff. Sometimes, it comes with maturity. Hindi naman puwedeng laging pa-cute, pa-sweet or pa-tweetums lang ang pu­wede kong gawin. To advance, you must be able to reinvent yourself. Kasi, no artist is indispensable.

You are as good as your last movie. You should consider yourself, obsolete, so you should find ways by which you can update your talents and skills. Crying Ladies is not actually an experimental movie. Neither could it be considered as a smorgasbord movie. This is the first time I’m going to play an offbeat part. Here, kasama ko sina Hilda Koronel and Angel Aquino,” enthused Shawie.

In the movie, she plays the role of a funeral wake crier, who, along with Hilda Koronel and Angel Aquino,  was hired by a Chinese businessman played by Eric Quizon during the lamay of his deceased father. “Actually, interesting ’yung twist ng story. Here I’m an ex-convict who is obsessed to regain the custody of her child from her estranged husband at all costs. Ricky Davao portrays the role of my estranged husband. I have a lot of dramatic moments here,” Cuneta added.

Asked if she was afraid that her die-hard fans might not be able to  relate to her role, she said, “I believe that I have a very good material. Even my co-stars like Hilda and Angel, they’re one of a kind. They’re terrific especially Hilda who plays the role of a has-been actress na ginagawang “career” ang pagiging “funeral wake crier.” Regarding my director, Mark Meilly, although he does not belong to the league of established directors that I have worked with, he shows a lot of promise. He’s very good sa pagmo-motivate ng kanyang mga stars.”

Sharon also said that she does not aspire to get an award for Crying Ladies but would indeed be happy, if her followers patronize her movie.

Regarding the issue that her last team-up with Richard Gomez in the movie Walang Kapalit wasn’t a big success she said, “In fairness, kumita na­man ’yung peli­kula, kaya lang it’s not as expected. It happens naman even with our established stars na. You win some, you lose some. There are times na “click” ang drama, ang action, ang romance, and comedy but not all the time. Box-office stars even in Hollywood and in the local movie industry have their shares of  flops,” she rationalized.

When asked why she seemed to be the most sought after product endorser by advertisers, she said, “It’s actually clean living. When you are a product endorser, you must be a role model. Hindi ka da­pat masisilipan ng butas. Kasama pa nga, sa contract mo, iyong mga taboos or dos and don’ts. Then, ka­pag artista kasi, talaga gina­ga­ya. Malakas ang recall sa mga tao. Advertisers dislike people na “negative” ang dating sa tao, and people remember you for that. As a product endorser, you must be credible, otherwise, they won’t believe in your products.”

In her latest movie under Star Cinema, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, titled after Bituin Escalan­te’s award-winning song, she admitted “It’s a dream-come  true for me. 1991 pa gusto ko nang maka­sama sa movie si Aga, kasi kahit sinong leading lady, hindi complete ang career unless she is paired off with Morning. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of good material for us. When I read the script of Joey Reyes, I really fell in love with the story. In the movie, we essay the roles of best friends who end up as lovers.”

When asked about the rumors regarding her plans to run for office as mayor of Pasay City, she curtly replied,” I have no political ambitions. I am not cut out for politics. Hayaan na lang natin ang hus­band ko. I don’t want to mess up my life. I want to spend quality time with my kids as a mother, especially that my panganay is already a teener. Besides, mas ‘love’ ko ang show business kesa politics.”


Bron : Manila Times

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