Murder police travel to Philippines

Two detectives are travelling to the Philippines in their hunt for the killer of a nurse in Greater Manchester.

Debbie Remorozo, 26, was found stabbed to death at her Oldham flat in December last year, after leaving her shift at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

Police are travelling to Manila to speak to Ms Remorozo's family and friends, and say that there is a possibility that her killer has returned to the Philippines.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Brennan, and another officer will fly out from Manchester on Monday.

A 10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of Miss Remorozo's killer.

Detectives have made numerous appeals for information, producing leaflets in one of native languages of the Philippines and travelling to two Filipina festivals in the UK.

Detective Superintendent Steve Heywood said: "We feel that we need to visit Manila to speak with Debbie's family primarily to update them as to how the murder investigation is going but to also find out more about Debbie.

"Up until now we have had limited contact with Debbie's family due to the remoteness of where they live and the obvious barrier of the language.

"We will be spending a lot of time with them along with an interpreter to build a clearer picture of the 26-year-old. The detectives will also be creating a working partnership with the local Manila police.

"There is a possibility that the person who is responsible for Debbie's murder may well have returned back to the Philippines," Det Supt Heywood said.

Repeatedly stabbed

"However, I must stress that this is only one line of enquiry that we are following.

"We are keeping an open mind to the nationality and the whereabouts of the murderer but this is something that we cannot yet rule out."

Ms Remorozo, a coronary care nurse, was last seen alive as she walked back to her flat in Summervale House on Summervale Drive on Saturday 7 December 2002.

She finished her shift at the Royal Oldham Hospital at 1530 BST and arrived at the flat shortly before 1600 BST.

At 1740 BST the following day, her body was discovered in her flat by friends. She had been assaulted and repeatedly stabbed.


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