Pasalubong na Tocino at chicharon - BANNED SA EU !!!

Bad news for all bakasyunistas or balikbayans from the Philippines for they could no longer bring freely tocino, longganisa, chicharon, and pulvoron as pasalubongs to their loved ones in Betgium or in any Member State of the EU.

This is in compliance with the new rule set by the European Union that prohibits the importation of products of animal origin for personal consumption in order to prevent the carriage of pathogens that cause infectious diseases in animals within the EU.

With the adoption of EC Commission Decision of 9 December 2002 laying down interim safeguard measures with regard to imports of products of animal origin for personal consumption, all travelers are now prohibited from bringing meat, meat products, milk and milk products to any Member State of the European Union.

Exceptions are applied only on the following conditions: (a) for those who have babies, they may bring in powdered infant milk and infant food, and (b) individuals, who need special foods for medical reasons. Provided that:(1) the product does not require refrigeration before consumption; (2) it is a packaged proprietary brand product; and (3) the packaging is unbroken.

lndividuals may bring in other personal consignments of meat, meat products, milk or milk products into designated points of entry in the EU if (1) the necessary documentation from the official veterinary services of the country from which you are traveling is obtained; and (2) travelers declare the goods and present the documentation upon arrival to the EU frontier for veterinary control.

Random inspections are now in place at the different frontiers and airpots of Member States of the EU for official disposal of said products.

lsang paatala lang po mula sa Embahada na ang mga dala-dalahan ninyong pasalubong gaya ng nabanggit ay maaaring di payagang makapasok ng Belgium.


Announcements can be seen as reminders at every airport of the Member States of the EU. At the Brussels Airport, you see the posters at the Customs Section - Arrival before exiting to the wellwishers area.


Bron : Danny Deckmijn

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