Katya Santos: I enjoy being sexy

"I HAVEN'T slept," says Katya Santos in between yawns. But the Viva hot babe is not complaining. In fact, she feels blessed because, despite the slump in the movie industry, she's been working on two new movies, "Utang ng Ama" and "Keka." 

And through her show biz earnings, the sexy star has been able to put up an events-organizing company with some partners last year. So far, the firm has produced a fashion show and several concerts, including one headlined by acoustic artist Paolo Santos. Katya the entrepreneur shares that working away from the limelight gives her fulfillment that is different from when she's on stage performing with the other Viva Hot Babes. It is apparently so addictive that she is already planning to get into other businesses in the future. 

First on her list is a food stand she'll call Keka Grill, after her character's name in the latest Viva Films movie. "It has recall," she explains. "In fact, people are now calling me Keka." 

In Katya's third movie for the year (after her launch as a sexy star in "Sukdulan," and "Sex Drive," her tandem with another hot babe, Maui Taylor), she plays a child-woman named Francesca, or Keka, who avenges the death of her boyfriend. One by one, she kills the members of a fraternity responsible for the crime. 

Contrary to its seemingly violent and gory premise, "Keka," explains Katya, is actually wholesome compared to "Sukdulan" and "Sex Drive." It has comedy and suspense, says its main star, who gets ample support from her costars Wendell Ramos, Vhong Navarro and Ryan Eigenmann, and director Quark Henares. 

The producers of "Keka" also aim to get a PG-13 rating from the MTRCB. "So I don't have very sexy scenes here," she points out. 

It doesn't mean, though, that Katya will go back to her early years in show biz as one of the perky girls on "Ang TV" and the contravida on "Anna Karenina." 

"After this, I'll still do sexy movies," she stresses. "I enjoy going sexy on screen." 

She's gotten used to baring in her movies that Katya now doesn't impose restrictions on the set anymore. It was a different matter, however, when she posed for the nude-painting session of the Saturday Group of visual artists a few weeks ago. 

"When we got to the venue, may pini-paint na silang nude," she recalls. "Pero wala namang nanonood so I thought OK lang. 

"But when it was my turn to pose nude, biglang dumami ang mga tao. There were supposed to be only 15 painters in the room. So I just took off my top. Pero ang dami pa ring nakakanood kasi glass 'yung walls." 

Those oglers sure couldn't get enough of Katya. But, sorry, her heart already belongs to one lucky guy. 

"We've been friends for a long time now," she smiles. "But five months ago lang naging kami. Mabait siya." 

Katya stops yawning at this point. Her man's waiting for her, and he'll take her to an MRT station, where the day's shooting of "Keka" will take place. 

She'll still be working, all right, but at least she's got someone to brighten up her busy day


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