‘Aswang’ attacks couple

By Roberto L. Bacasong

IN THIS age of modern science, who would believe that ‘aswangs’ or witches still exist?

But not for a couple in Villa Esperanza, Bacolod City, who claimed they were attacked by aswangs, an allegation which puzzled their neighbors.

Apong Tambares, 20, sad a witch attacked her and her husband, Joselito, (not his real name), 24, several times since July 29.

Apong narrated that at around 12 noon of July 29, while she was fishing alone in a pond near their house, a short-haired, old lady wearing a black outfit approached her.

She, however, said she cannot exactly determine the age of the old woman.

Apong recalled the old woman offered her a white stone, similar to the size of a marble.

She was so scared that she refused to accept the stone and immediately ran away, but when she looked back, the old woman has disappeared, she said.

That night, Apong told her husband about the old woman she met at the pond.

Her husband then suspected that the old woman was a witch. Joselito believed that she was looking for a person to hand over the “heirloom” (white stone).

Since then, Apong said the witch would visit them every midnight.

“Indi kami katulog kay ginakaruskos sang aswang ang amon dingding (We cannot sleep because the aswang is scratching the walls of our house),” Apong said.

She added: “Sang ginpasiga sang akon bana ang suga, nakita namon ang kamot sang aswang (When my husband turned on the lights, we saw the witch’s hand).”

Joselito hurriedly went outside their house to collar the witch, but they were surprised to see it transform to a huge black dog.

“Pagkaguwa namon sa balay, wala na namon nakita ang aswang, ang nakita na lang namon isa ka ido, itom kag madaku. Siguro nagtigbalo ang aswang (When we went outside the house, we did not see the witch, instead, we saw a huge, black dog. Maybe the witch has transformed herself into a dog),” said Apong.

Joselito’s aunt, a certain Thelma, meanwhile, said her nephew was injured after he (Joselito) fell down from their house’s wall.

Joselito, however, cannot comment on the matter due to his ailment.

Thelma added they brought Joselito to a "arbolaryo" (quack doctor) last Monday, 9 a.m. in Barangay Banago.

She said the “arbolaryo” told them that Joselito will be healed soon.

Thelma further said they have been living in the place for 17 years but they have not heard any talk about the existence of an "aswang" until this recent incident.

Thelma disclosed it was just three weeks since Joselito and Apong moved to the place.

Joselito has just come home from Manila where he worked as a construction worker, while Apong is a native of Barangay. Jerusalem, Cadiz City.

Apong said she couldn’t recall that a witch was hunting her down while she was in Cadiz.

Due to the report, residents of Villa Esperanza have been preparing measures against the alleged "aswang."

The Tambares couple have transferred to a relative’s house for safety. Their neighbors are also helping the Tambares family by staying awake during midnight and safeguard the house against a possible witch’s attack.

But the Tambares family believes that the witch will no longer attack them.


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