Murder police appeal at festival

Detectives investigating the murder of a Filipino nurse in Oldham will this weekend go to north Wales to appeal for help in catching her killer.

Officers were due to be at a Filipino festival in Rhyl, on Saturday, to appeal for help following the killing of Debbie Remorozo.

Miss Remorozo, 26 was found stabbed to death at her flat in December last year, after leaving her shift at the Royal Oldham Hospital.

A 10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of Miss Remorozo's killer.

Up to 3,000 Filipinos, from across the UK, are expected at this weekend's event.

'Well received'

Officers will hand out leaflets written in Tagalog - one of the native languages of the Philippines.

The move comes after detectives travelled to another festival, the Filipina Barrio Fiesta, in London, to appeal over Miss Remorozo's death.

Detective Superintendent Steve Haywood said: "The officers were very well received by the 60,000 Filipinos that attended the event.

"Hundreds of leaflets were handed out and people seemed pleased that we were taking such proactive steps to trace her killer.

'Valuable' sum

"One point that I would like to make is that when the 10,000 reward is converted into Peso's, the national currency of the Philippines, the sum represents a substantial amount to Filipino residents."

Miss Remorozo left the hospital after her shift at the coronary care unit to walk home at about 1530 BST on Saturday 7 December.

She was found stabbed to death by friends at her flat in Summervale House, in Vale Drive, the following day.

Detectives are still appealing for help from any Oldham residents who have information about the nurse's death.


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