BREAKING NEWS - 25 April 2003

DOH confirms first local
SARS transmission: report

Posted: 3:44 PM (Manila Time) | Apr. 25, 2003

THE DEPARTMENT of Health (DoH) on Friday confirmed the first local transmission of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus, according to radio and television reports.

An autopsy of Mauricio Catalon, who was believed to have died of abdominal cancer earlier this week, revealed that he had broncho pneumonia, which caused his sudden death. This led health officials to conclude Catalon contracted the killer respiratory disease.

Catalon had been quarantined as a "suspect" SARS case after it was learned that he had contact with his daughter, Adela, who died of the killer pneumonia last week.

Health officials said that the
Philippines would no longer be classified as SARS-free once a carrier of the virus gets infected in the country.

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